Saturday, August 27, 2005

More baby cozies

Here are the rest of the presents for my cousin's twins. Hats and booties in a lovely cashmere blend. Not the most practical baby yarn, but oh so decadently soft and hopefully very warm.

This is for the girl. (along with the ruby slippers) I'm not as crazy about the snowflakes as I thought I'd be, but they keep it from being totally plain.

These are for the boy. The booties looked cute in the picture that came with the pattern, but were the most boring things imaginable when finished.

I added the blanket stitching to give them a little visual interest. Plus, having the opposite colors on the pieces gave more of an appearance of a set.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ruby Slippers!

I just finished the ruby slippers. They are so adorable. The socks really made them. I took the suggestion of the author and put a coat of nail polish on the buttons. It didn't change the color, but gave them a touch of sparkle.

I found the pattern here (look for the Aug 18 post)